Local Unit Awards!

Local Unit Awards!

Each year, the Miami-Dade County Council PTA/PTSA recognizes local PTA/PTSA units, volunteers and school site administrators that do incredible things for their students and communities – advocating for everychildonevoice.

2020 Miami-Dade County Council PTA/PTSA Local Unit Awards, Criteria and General Information.

  • Submission deadline: All applications must be submitted by May 4th, 2020 at 11:59 P.M EST.

  • A winner from an Elementary, Middle and High School will be chosen for EACH AWARD!

  • Finalists in all award categories will be notified no later than May 15th, 2020.

  • Finalists in all award categories will be recognized at the Gala and listed in the Souvenir Program Book.


To be eligible for any of our awards, a local unit PTA or PTSA must be in “good standing”

  • Have bylaws that are current (dated no earlier than April 15th, 2016) and bear the Florida PTA stamp of approval

  • Have paid National, State, and current-year County Council PTA dues by May 4th, 2020

  • Be IRS-compliant (latest Form 990 filed)

  • Individuals nominated must be a member of the nominating PTA/PTSA for the current membership year

  • Any local unit applying for the Standard of Excellence Award must submit a copy of its approved budget (please submit via email to [email protected])

Local Unit Awards categories and descriptions:

Website Award – The purpose of this award is to recognize the best PTA/PTSA website published by a local unit. A website must connect students, parents, teachers and community members with its local unit. It is important to demonstrate a creative use of tools to build a website that fully represents the school and its local unit. The site must be well visited and show that the website is a valuable communication tool.

SuperMen of PTA Award – The purpose of the Supermen of the PTA Award is to recognize units who have 25 or more male members. Provide the number of Male members in your write up.

Grandparents Award – The purpose of the Grandparents of the PTA Award is to recognize units who have 25 or more grandparents as members. Provide the number of Grandparents members in your write up.

Standards of Excellence Award – This award will recognize a local PTA/PTSA unit who has shown excellence in accomplishing the PTA mission by being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for education and well-being of every child through the PTA values of collaboration, commitment, accountability, respect, inclusivity, and integrity.

Program of Impact Award – This award is presented to a local PTA/PTSA unit who has made a positive impact by providing an effective program or activity that brings families and communities together. The program or activity may include, but is not limited to, legislation, environmental, health, etc…

Ruth Owens Kruse Spirit of PTA President Award – This award will be presented to a local unit PTA/PTSA President who personifies outstanding leadership qualities, promotes advocacy on behalf of children and youth, and is committed to parent and community involvement.

Ruth Owens Kruse Pillar of PTA Volunteer Award – This award recognizes a volunteer that has supported the vision, mission, and the values of PTA and has set an example for others to follow by their service to their school and community.