Advocacy and Legislation Committees

Directing Vice President: Elizabeth Edwards

Advocacy Chair: Mindy Gould

Legislation Committee Chair: Eileen Segal


Regions and Local Units Committees

Directing Vice President: Sandra West


Education Committees

Directing Vice President: Gwyneth Foote

Business Community Liaison: Lelany Barea

Cultural Arts (Reflections) Chair: Pamela Neumann

Organization Committees

Directing Vice President: Becky Cohen

Budget Committee Chair: Enrique Escallon

Bylaws & Policies and Procedures Chair: Ivelisse Castro

Credentials Chair: Macarena Jones

Founder’s Day: Kelly Borroto-Garcia


Special Committees

(Directed and/or appointed by the President)

Leadership Conference: Chrisanne Fordik

Florida PTA Advisory

Florida PTA President: Mindy Haas

Florida PTA Legislative Chair: Angie Gallo