County Council Committees

Advocacy & Legislation

Chair Advocacy - Mindy Gould - [email protected]

Chair Legislation - Eileen Segal - [email protected]

Chair Municipal Advisory Committee - Monica Matteao Salinas - [email protected]

Chair Marketing and Outreach - Help Wanted

Chair Hispanic/Latino Outreach - Help Wanted


Chair Cultural Arts (Reflections) - Pam Neumann - [email protected]

Chair Environmental - Michelle Drucker - [email protected]

Chair Safety and Health - Stella Gelsomino - [email protected]

Chair Scholarships - Pat Reams - [email protected]

Chair Early Childhood - Norma Schwartz - [email protected]

Chair Friends of the Science Fair - Gwen Foote - [email protected]

Chair Curriculum and Instruction - Help Wanted

Chair Schools of Excellence - Help Wanted


Chair Investments - Carlos Delgado - [email protected]

Chair Budget - Gisella Eckle - [email protected]


Chair Bylaws and P&Ps - Ivelesse Castro - [email protected]

Chair Awards & Recognition Ceremony (Gala) - Fatima Chaiks - [email protected]

Chair Honors & Awards Organization - Maria Norton - [email protected]

Chair Vendors Organization - Betty Cruz - [email protected]

Chair ESE & Gifted - Help Wanted

Chair Founders' Day - Help Wanted

Chair PTA Store - Help Wanted

Chair Hospitality - Help Wanted

Corresponding Secretary

Chair Communications - Macarena Jones - [email protected]

Regions & Local Units

Chair Credentials - Nikki Roberts - [email protected]

Chair Member Hub - Normy Azcuy

Feeder Pattern Representatives


Coral Gables SH FPR - Lisa Senior - [email protected]

Miami Central SH FPR - Carolyn Nelson Goedart

Miami Coral Park SH FPR - Leslie Pujala - [email protected]

Miami Senior SH FPR - Elizabeth Montes - MONTE[email protected]

Miami Northwestern SH FPR - Dannie McMillon

Miami Springs SH FPR - Shelley Marlowe - [email protected]

Ronald Reagan/Doral SH FPR - Anabelle Perello - [email protected]

South Miami SH FPR - Sharon Watson

Charter and Community FPR - Help Wanted

Booker T. Washington SH FPR - Help Wanted

Miami Edison SH FPR - Help Wanted

Miami Jackson SH FPR - Help Wanted


Alonzo & Tracy Mourning SH FPR - Carla Mast - [email protected]

American SH FPR - Julie Palm

Barbara Goleman SH FPR - Alvin Gainey

Hialeah Gardens SH FPR - Julie Palm

Miami Beach SH FPR - MARY KEINATH - [email protected]

Miami Carol City SH FPR - Dannie McMillon

Miami Norland SH FPR - Doris Johnson - [email protected]

Michael Krop SH FPR - Maria Lopez - [email protected]

North Miami Beach SH FPR - Carolyn Nelson Goedart

North Miami SH FPR - Jude Bruno - [email protected]

Hialeah Miami Lakes SH FPR - Help Wanted

Hialeah SHS/Westland Hialeah SH FPR - Help Wanted


Miami Killian SH FPR - Marcela Gonzales - [email protected]

Miami Southwest SH FPR - Mindy Gould

Miami Sunset SHS FPR - Mindy Gould

Miami Palmetto SH FPR - Maritza Shapiro - [email protected]

Braddock SH FPR - Help Wanted

Ferguson SH FPR - Help Wanted

Homestead SH FPR - Help Wanted

Miami Southridge SH FPR - Help Wanted

South Dade SH FPR - Help Wanted

Felix Varela SH FPR - Help Wanted