How To Be Effective When Meeting With An Elected Official

Know your Legislator’s name, title, committee assignments, and voting record.

Know the staffers’ names, titles, and issue areas he or she covers.

Prepare in advance as a team to deliver your message.

Know the opposing views to your issue areas.

If you are asking the Legislator to do something, thank him or her for something already done to improve the lives of children.

Back up talking points with local stories, data, and impact. Have it ready before the meeting.

Be on time.

Remember that you are there to represent the official views of the association.

Be prepared to summarize your position in 2-3 minutes.

Ask for a commitment, but do not be confrontational.

Hold your Legislator accountable.

Do not guess at, or exaggerate, facts.

If you do not know the answer to a question, admit it. Let the Legislator know that you will follow-up with an answer.

You do not have to be an expert on the entire bill or issue.

Do not be discouraged or disrespectful if the Legislator can not attend the meeting. Treat the staff member (aide) with the same respect you would the Legislator.

Keep in touch.

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