Help Wanted

MDCC PTA/PTSA needs and wants your help! We have several volunteer opportunities available, and we encourage you to join our team. Please review the opportunities below, and reach out to the contacts below for more information.


Advocacy & Legislation

Chair Marketing and Outreach - Help Wanted

Chair Hispanic/Latino Outreach - Help Wanted



Chair Curriculum and Instruction - Help Wanted

Chair Schools of Excellence - Help Wanted



Chair ESE & Gifted - Help Wanted

Chair Founders' Day - Help Wanted

Chair PTA Store - This person will be in charge of purchasing items and selling items at events and or on line. Contact: Becky Cohen at [email protected]

Hospitality Chair – To organize food and drinks to meetings and events. Contact: Becky Cohen at [email protected]

Feeder Pattern Representatives – Acts as a local liaison to the
assigned feeder schools, serving as a source of information and planning get togethers, workshops and sharing sessions with local boards. A FPR is not expected to know everything, but should answer: “I’ll find out!” when they do not know and follow up when they get the information. Contact: Sandra West at [email protected]



Charter and Community FPR - Help Wanted

Booker T. Washington SH FPR - Help Wanted

Miami Edison SH FPR - Help Wanted

Miami Jackson SH FPR - Help Wanted



Hialeah Miami Lakes SH FPR - Help Wanted

Hialeah SHS/Westland Hialeah SH FPR - Help Wanted



Braddock SH FPR - Help Wanted

Ferguson SH FPR - Help Wanted

Homestead SH FPR - Help Wanted

Miami Southridge SH FPR - Help Wanted

South Dade SH FPR - Help Wanted

Felix Varela SH FPR - Help Wanted