Executive Committee

Sandra West - President

Sandra West is a mother of three and has been part of PTA since her oldest entered Kindergarten, 25 years ago.  She has held office in a PTA every year since. She has served in all positions at the local unit.  She worked for 30 years in the field of medical research at Vanderbilt, Duke and University of Miami, and is currently a Biology teacher at Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High School.


Sandra has proven her ability to work full time and maintain her extensive commitment to PTA. Sandra has been part of Miami Dade County Council since 2007, having previously served on Wake County Council in North Carolina.

Maria Norton – 1st Vice President Advocacy & Legislation

Maria Norton from Miami is a former Military wife married to Tim Norton from St. Petersburg, FL. She is a mother of two boys, Speech Pathologist, and PTA volunteer. Maria has been a PTA volunteer for the last 21 years in the following positions; President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary at her children's schools.

She has also held the position of Secretary, South Region Coordinator and Feeder Pattern Representative at the County Council Level in Miami- Dade and a current committee member of FL PTA Exceptional Child Commission. She is very passionate and dedicated, always advocating for all children and specially our most vulnerable children, those with diverse needs.

Maria attended Florida State University and Nova Southeastern University and currently works for Miami-Dade County Public Schools as a Speech Language Pathologist. Maria is proud to say that her husband, kids and herself all are products of Public Education.

Pamela Neumann – 3rd Vice President of Education

Pam Neumann grew up in Long Island, New York and attended Beloit College and University of Wisconsin studying art and art education. She is currently retired from teaching and as Admission Coordinator for New World School of the Arts College and is pursuing a career as a ceramicist. She is on the board of the Ceramic League of Miami and Advocates PTA. She has been on the Miami-Dade County Council Board as Cultural Arts Chair for ten years.

Jorge Montes – Treasurer

Jorge has been a PTA volunteer for over a decade; a commitment shared with his wife and children and volunteering has become an activity they enjoy together as a family.

He served as the Credentials Chair for the Miami Dade County Council PTA/PTSA in 2017-2018 and also served on the Executive Board as Central Region Coordinator for the 2018-2020 term. Jorge also serves in Coral Way K-8 PTA as Recording Secretary.

Chrisanne Fordik – 2nd VP

Chrisanne Fordik has served on the Miami-Dade County Council for the past ten years in the following capacities: North Region Coordinator, South Region Coordinator, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

Additionally, She has served for a number of years on the Boards of Air Base K-8 Center PTSA, Laura Saunders Elementary PTA, and Colonial Drive Elementary PTA in the following capacities: Recording Secretary, Membership Chair, and Treasurer. Additionally, She has been employed by MDCPS as a School Psychologist since 2003.

Normy Azcuy – Corresponding Secretary

Normy is a mother of two children and has been a member and supporter of PTA since her oldest started in Kindergarten. She started off as a volunteer during school events for the first few years. She then served as Recording Secretary for her local unit PTSA for three years. She started with Miami Dade County Council PTA/PTSA as Recording Secretary in August 2017 and served in that position until May, 2020.

She was also chosen to serve on the Florida PTA Hispanic, Latino Outreach Committee this past year. That experience was an honor and yet another learning milestone in this organization. During her time with PTA she has advocated, helped and supported plans and programs for every child.

Normy is dedicated to making sure that every child in Miami Dade County has the same opportunities, quality of education, and representation throughout. Public education gave her many opportunities as she grew up and is now affording those same opportunities to her children who are also proud MDCPS students.

Sonia Cohen – South Region Coordinator

Sonia Cohen is an accomplished and compassionate community volunteer with a solid history of achievements in uniting and organizing others. She has served our schools and community since 2002. As a motivated leader with strong organizational abilities her areas of expertise include to solve conflicts, organize and execute volunteer activities while including others.

Sonia has served on the PTA boards of William Lehman Elementary, Herbert Ammons Middle and Coral Reef Sr High School. Her wide variety of local unit positions make her uniquely qualified to help other local units with any issues. Additionally, Sonia has served the county council as Chair of both the Awards and Recognition Committee and the Vendor Fair for the annual county wide training event, BLT which takes place every September


Sonia has two sons, the oldest son has graduated from UCF and the other is currently a high school freshman. Her husband is a CBP officer and she enjoys the arts, football and comics in her leisure time!

Norma Schwartz – Recording Secretary

Norma Schwartz is a mother of two children who are current MDCPS students. Her daughter is currently in 6th grade and her son is in 3rd grade. She has been a supporter and a member of the PTA since her oldest started Kindergarten. As a parent volunteer, she has dedicated her time on various committees on the Palmetto Elementary PTA, She is also currently a member of the Palmetto Middle PTSA. She has served on the Miami-Dade County Council for the past two years as the Early Childhood Committee Chair and works alongside various organizations in Florida to ensure all children are successful learners.

In addition, Norma also currently serves on the Executive Board of the Florida Association of the Education of Young Children.